Who we are

The Coalition to Stop the Captive Breeding and Keeping of Lions and Other Big Cats for Commercial Purposes (aka Lion Coalition) is an alliance of diverse organisations and individuals, who share certain values, knowledge and objectives, and collectively comprise a respected body of expertise from scientific, conservation, welfare, legal, faith and public advocacy sectors.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Lion Coalition is to enable its members to work together in order to stop captive breeding and keeping of lions and other big cats for exploitative purposes.

Our main object is to facilitate the creation of a strong social movement that advocates locally and globally to create awareness about, and to ultimately end, captive predator breeding and keeping of lions and other big cats for commercial gain.

Steering Committee

Dr Louise de Waal
Blood Lions

Audrey Delsink
HSI Africa

Linda Park

Our work

Captive Predator Breeding

The captive predator breeding and keeping industry in South Africa has spiraled out of control. Since 2005, the captive lion population has quadrupled, from less than 2,500 lions held in 45-50 facilities to at least 8,000-10,000 lions in 366 facilities. However, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries doesn’t know the true extend of this industry and the captive population could be anything up to 20,000 lions. In addition, many cheetahs, leopards, caracals, servals, jaguars, tigers and even ligers (crossbreed between a lion and tiger) are bred and kept in captivity.